Saturday, January 21, 2012

My little peanut

Alex is the youngest and one could say they knew that by the way that he acts. Yes he does whine  alot but he is also such a sweet boy. He is content to play on his own with his action figures, transformer, and play doh. He is like his mom when she was little and is very tiny he at times looks like a starving kid and thinks is fun the you can see his skeleton when he is naked. Alex as well will start kindergarten next year and is the more shy one who will take a little time to warm up to the idea of not being with his brother. He has this scream that when he is playing in a group I always know he is okay cause of his squeal. He loves to have alone time with his mom and I can often find him snuggled up next to me in the morning when I wake up. He does not drink a lot of milk like his brothers and prefers water. He is a very adventurous eater and will try something where as his brother will often say they don't like it.  Alex has the sweetest smile and often talks with his eyes. He is a bit shorter than his brother but I never underestimate his quickness. He is very sensitive and if he gets in trouble cries and wants to be snuggled. I am excited to watch all of my boys become wonderful young men and help them make the best choices. We are starting to become very active in sports and in their school and I only foresee us getting more busy. We hope you will join us for the adventure.

Our Nater Tatter

He can be feisty and sassy one minute and sweet and cuddly the next. Nate is the dramatic one. God did not give us girls (yet) he gave us Nate. Nate Loves the color pink and his baby doll Lulu. He loves to help me with the laundry and cleaning. He will make a great husband someday. He is the middle child and is often striving to get a word in between his brothers. When he is mad watch out he can be scary but then after it is over he is the sweetest little boy. He is very smart and sneaky and always has a comeback for anything you say. He is always telling me that I will forget that I told him he could not do something. He has this sweet calic in the middle of his forehead that is often the only way people can tell him apart from his brother. But me, I can tell them apart the second they open their mouth. Nate will be going off to kindergarten next year and in a separate class then Alex. I hope he does not have one of his tantrums when he is told he can not do something. He may possibly hide underneath the table. This is the kid who appears to be very strong and bull headed but enter the Easter bunny or Santa and he is under the table in 2 seconds flat. He is very athletic and can hit a ball with a bat no problem or play soccer and actually know what he is doing. Nate keeps us all entertained and fills us with our share of snuggles. I love having a jokster in the bunch and he is always making me laugh. He is gonna do great things this little one. below are clips from the last year. Click on a photo to enlarge the collage.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My love bug

A good family friend once told me, at her daughters wedding that we went to when Jacob was 7 months old, "your momma has waited a long time for you." Oh how those word have stuck in my mind. You see when I was a child I would do anything to get my hands on baby. I loved them and could not wait to have one of my own. On December 15th 2004, I got that gift of becoming a mother. I was so excited to have Jacob and be the best mother I could to him. He was a happy baby and always made us laugh. His toddler years were busy, busy , busy. One of my closest friends, who now has three boys of her own, has recently told me that she now understands why I was pulling my hair out going crazy just trying to keep Jacob busy the year before he went into kindergarten. You see Jacob had A LOT of energy. he was to smart for his own good and I was at the end of ideas for him. Once he go into school people told me that he would be "so tired" at the end of the week and would just crash over the weekend. Well, not Jacob he did not slow down one bit. He still continues to be a busy seven year old, first grader, who has learned to channel that energy. I was just telling someone a few months go that it has been so fun to watch this transition that Jacob is going through. He is very sensitive and wants and strives to do the correct thing. He is very smart and is better at math than his mom. I am excited for what is to come for Jacob and love him and his personality more and more every day. Below are clips of Jacob over the past year. Click on a picture to view the entire collage.