Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of preschool

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The little boys had their first day of "tiny tots" today. It went great. Nate is in blue and Alex is in red. When they got up at 6 am they got their rain coats and their backpacks on and did not take them off until they had to get dressed. Then when we took Jacob to the bus stop they thought they were going on the bus.
We got to tiny tots and they went in and found their hooks and then their seats they were so good and sat there until it was time to start class. When I picked them up they said they had fun and that they "got no time outs". For some reason their first three years of life have gone by so much faster then Jacobs and I can not believe they are in preschool. WOW

first day of school

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August 25th 2010 was Jacobs first day of kindergarten. He has a teacher that this is her first year teaching and I think she is going to be wonderful. The Monday before school started we had a dessert social at our house with the kindergarten kids in our neighborhood and it was a huge hit. The three teachers came and the principal. It was a good time for the kids to get to know one another and meet their teachers in a more relaxed setting.
Jacob wanted to ride the bus but John and I wanted to take him on his first day. He was so excited. We got to his classroom and found his seat and then when class started we did an activity with the kissing hand book. It was so much fun. Then the parents left and then I picked him up at 3pm. I asked his teacher how the day went and she said Jacob had a great day and was very good. What a relief. I was so happy the first day went well.
I found myself during the day thinking and wondering what he was doing and if he was having fun. If he liked his lunch and if he made friends with new kids. So of course when he got home it was 20 questions from mom and he said "mom I had no yellow or reds." Those are the disciplinary system of warning then in trouble. He had a great day and was excited for the next day as he was going to be riding the bus.
The bus riding experience went well and he made it there and back. I was worried he would not know what to do or where to go but I figured he would figure it out.
On Friday afternoon he came home with a red smile face on his hand for being such a good kindergartner. Then I got a call from his teacher. My heart sank for just a moment and then she said "I just wanted to let you know Jacob had a great first week and was a delight to have in class." I was so proud of him and I am so glad he is excited about school
A huge thank you to all of you who kept telling me he would do fine and for letting my share my fears with you.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And the tooth is out

On Aug. 10th Jacob went to his last day of sport camp at the sport center. He came home with a surprise for me. It was his tooth that had come out earlier that day. Now up to this point we had been working on getting this tooth out as the one behind it was already in. I had sent him with an apple not thinking about the tooth and it did the job. When Jacob came home and said his tooth cam out my heart sank cause I though he had lost it and did not have it to put under the pillow. How silly being so upset over a stinking tooth but he is my baby and that tooth was his first one to come out and he was so excited to put it under his pillow. Buy a las they saved it for him and that made me so happy. When going to bed that night Jacob asked if he could have coins instead of a dollar bill so he could put it in his money bank. He is growing up so fast especially this summer. Teeth falling out, starting school, playng outside with is friends. I am excited for the rest of his adventures to begin.

Trip to Idaho

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Our trip to Idaho last month was a lot of fun. There is so much that Idaho and cour dalane offer. It is a very quaint town with tons of water activities and lots of things to do around town. By far the highlight of our trip was the Pirate Cruise that we went on. It was very kid friendly and they loved it Jacob especially. We spent some time one the lake and hung out at the house we rented and went to the park. A great time was had by all and the boys loved seeing their cousins. our trip included a day at the water park of Silverwood where we wore all the kids out and had a great time on all the rides and in the water park. It was a mini Disneyland and confirmed my belief that Disneyland is still a few year away for us.