Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And the tooth is out

On Aug. 10th Jacob went to his last day of sport camp at the sport center. He came home with a surprise for me. It was his tooth that had come out earlier that day. Now up to this point we had been working on getting this tooth out as the one behind it was already in. I had sent him with an apple not thinking about the tooth and it did the job. When Jacob came home and said his tooth cam out my heart sank cause I though he had lost it and did not have it to put under the pillow. How silly being so upset over a stinking tooth but he is my baby and that tooth was his first one to come out and he was so excited to put it under his pillow. Buy a las they saved it for him and that made me so happy. When going to bed that night Jacob asked if he could have coins instead of a dollar bill so he could put it in his money bank. He is growing up so fast especially this summer. Teeth falling out, starting school, playng outside with is friends. I am excited for the rest of his adventures to begin.

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