Sunday, January 1, 2012

My love bug

A good family friend once told me, at her daughters wedding that we went to when Jacob was 7 months old, "your momma has waited a long time for you." Oh how those word have stuck in my mind. You see when I was a child I would do anything to get my hands on baby. I loved them and could not wait to have one of my own. On December 15th 2004, I got that gift of becoming a mother. I was so excited to have Jacob and be the best mother I could to him. He was a happy baby and always made us laugh. His toddler years were busy, busy , busy. One of my closest friends, who now has three boys of her own, has recently told me that she now understands why I was pulling my hair out going crazy just trying to keep Jacob busy the year before he went into kindergarten. You see Jacob had A LOT of energy. he was to smart for his own good and I was at the end of ideas for him. Once he go into school people told me that he would be "so tired" at the end of the week and would just crash over the weekend. Well, not Jacob he did not slow down one bit. He still continues to be a busy seven year old, first grader, who has learned to channel that energy. I was just telling someone a few months go that it has been so fun to watch this transition that Jacob is going through. He is very sensitive and wants and strives to do the correct thing. He is very smart and is better at math than his mom. I am excited for what is to come for Jacob and love him and his personality more and more every day. Below are clips of Jacob over the past year. Click on a picture to view the entire collage.

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