Thursday, July 22, 2010

Call to the family dentist

So... here we are on Monday getting ready to go on our trip to Idaho and I look in Jacobs mouth and find that his bottom front tooth is crooked. Now my children have such beautiful straight teeth, not that I am proud of that or anything,so I feel it and it is the slightest bit loose. How exciting you may think but I said "holy crap" to the two teeth that were already up behind those two front teeth. Should I be worried about that? Do I need to have them pulled? If I do I will have to go to Helena and oh crap school starts in three weeks. So I call my wonderful sister in law, at work, making her pee her pants because I never call her at work. She assures me this is somewhat normal but that I may want to have our dentist look at it. So I go to our wonderful dentist office promptly at 0800 the next morning only to return again at 1115 because the doctor was "in surgery" doesn't he know that I am totally concerned about this. So we go back and he looks and tells Jacob to wiggle the heck out of the two front teeth and they will come out. So every day we wiggle them more and more, hoping this will work.

The funny thing about most of Jacobs quirks he has is, I tell his sister or his mom or step mom about or his dad and they say to me "I am pretty sure that John did that as a child." Like the teeth coming in before others are out and like chewing on any piece of paper his little hands can get on and chewing his shirt. So yes folks in this case the apple does not fall far from the tree. Perhaps it will be the apple that aids us in getting these teeth out.

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  1. UGH! I am NOT looking forward to dealing with teeth pulling. Hope things end well for Jacob! :)