Saturday, July 24, 2010

you will laugh about it when you get to the other side

Today I met a woman with seven, yes seven boys. You can imagine my delite when I say that she made it thru and was at Silverwood Theme Park with one, of her two, granddaughters. She was encouraging telling me that her boys did things she is just now learning about. She told me to be thankful that I do not, and will not know of all the stunts they pull. But that when I get to the other side and they are grown up and responsible for themselves I will look back and laugh about it.
I truly have days when I am not sure how parents make it thru the day and come out in one piece. But this nice lady placed her hand on me and said "you to will make it thru and laugh about it later."

My boys are challenging and I think it is Gods way of showing me that I got what was coming. For as long as I can remember, I wanted twins. Not only twins but I wanted three boys then one girl. We will see about the girl. There are days when four seem like no problem and then we go on trips and we no longer have to bring a stroller, a pack and play, diapers, bottles, a diaper bag, or any of that. It is nice to be in a phase where the boys are able to go to the theme park and walk or tell us what they want. We are in a fun "family stage." But part of me is feeling like our team is not complete yet. Like there is one more player out there telling me they need to be on the Reeves team. So, for now we will keep going as a family of 5 and see where life and God takes us.

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