Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy times

I have been trying to sit down and blog for, oh about a week now. It has just been crazy at our house. I wanted to post a picture collage with this post so you can see for yourself just how busy it is but I am still working on trying to figure out how to get it to work. So stay tuned.

We got Jacob all registered for Kindergarten and tonight as we were in the car I asked him if he was excited about it and he said "yes, but I may be a little scared when I get there" I then asked him if he was nervous and he said " no but I might be when I get there and mom do they have peanut butter and honey sandwiches?" I told him that he can take his lunch or get hot lunch, his response was " we better just pack it for me so it is how I like it. He is at such a fun age to have conversations with. Last night was the start of a new activity for Jacob. We decided that once a month he gets to choose an activity with just mom or dad. Last night he choose to go to dinner with John then to the book store then swimming. He was so excited when he finally figured out it was just him and dad and not brothers. I think that this will be great for him and a special time for him to get one on one time.

Now the little boys have not just been doing nothing, they are just as busy riding their bikes and being outside with their buddy Brayden who lives around the corner. They are staring to have very creative imaginations such as playing house and playing walk the puppy. Their conversations in the car are so funny. Such as tonight Nate was telling his brothers that "when you play soccer you only can touch the ball if coach says so, you got it Jacob" Not sure where he got that from. Nate is developing quite the temper and gets really angry when he does not get his time to talk so we have now gone to giving each of them their time and not moving on to the next until one is done it has seemed to help them not get so frustrated knowing that they will get their turn.

I am enjoying the business of mothering three boys but at times I will be honest I want to pull my hair out and I have to just tell myself that their not little for long and especially Jacob I have to make sure I can teach him all he need to know before heading off to school next year where he is influenced by so many others. That is scary.

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  1. Tricia,

    I totally understand you fears of sending of your kids to school. Jacob will and does have a very solid foundation that you and John have taught him. You have to have faith that this foundation that is still being built and will be for years, is what will make him the person he will grow up to be! He will be fine at school! Yes, there are those other influences, but as long as he has that solid foundation, and his loving parents by his side, he will thrive and do wonders! Good luck....enjoy this time!