Monday, April 19, 2010

Boys will be boys

This is going to be a short post as I am on my way out of town. I had to update you all on the "event" that took place over the weekend. I was at work on Saturday night and called home, as I usually do, just to see how thing are going. Keep in mind that it was a great day about 70 degrees out and all the kids on the block were out and lots of people washing their cars making for "water puddles in the street." This Saturday the conversation was as follows between John and I .

Me: How is it going?
John: Well we may have had an incident
Me: What happened?
John: Well you may hear about it from the neighbors.
Me: Oh jease what happened?
John: Well the little boys (Nate and Alex) decided that they were going to play in the water. I (John) was inside with Jacob for just a second and Tracie (one of our neighbors and friends) came to the door with the boys who were naked as a jay bird. You see they had taken off all, and I mean all, of their clothes and left them on the grass next to the curb and were sitting in one of the puddles of water in the street just having a great time with all the rocks.
Me: Oh my God!!

All the neighbor I talked with said it was so cute and had they had a camera they would have taken a picture. Thank God it was Tracie that found them and thought it was funny. So that is the incident of the weekend at the Reeves house. Stay tunned for more I am sure.

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